Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hmm...wad a packed month that i have...drama,carolling and also dancing~!
hahaha...i've never believe that im actually learning dancing...im still trying my best to learning and practising it...
although the showing night....is right before christmas,and its getting near.i've been really focusing on this things..especially on dancing cos the date is getting near..and i have to be really good ,well atleast i have to dance soo well like the others..focusing too much on this things,makes me loose focus on works too.always forget my shift timeing,and worst of all i dont even feeling wanted to work in there anymore.i guess its good also,soo i can quit my job more easier without any regret or other feelings that will keep me back from quitting the job.really thanks phoebe for willing to be my dancing teacher...really saw that she putting her effort on teaching me,eventhou im quite stupid and slow learner.but really thanks alot to her,i will practise hard in order to repay her.Speaking of drama,haha..im acting as the main character of the drama's cousin...and also head of the gangster..although my acting was just a few mins..but the face expressions and emotion have to be real...cos this drama we doesnt need to speak any dialog.soo i think this is kinda fun too.And last of all would be Carolling,hehehe that means singing loh...sing in a group is really interesting..we have our owns pitch and tones to sing,divide by 5 groups...but if we just sing in our own tones and pitch its sounds kinda weirds...but when combine together it can be a really nice and lovely songs...although sometimes i found that its kinda hard lo,cos we will be mistaken and sing others groups pitch...everything that i've joined is something that i've never do before...and i think its really great cos i could actually do wad i've been wanted to do since kid.although im getting busy in church...but atleast im happy bout all the things that im doing.And finally got the chances to serve God,im really happy that i can Give to god but not just to receive.ok la that's all for now...will blog again in other time.