Thursday, May 29, 2008


Friends...can play a major role on a persons life.It can Influences on our decisions,towards something.cos most of the times,when we wanna do some decisions sure we're gonna ask parents or friends suggestions,mixing which kinds of friends can even change our future.i still remember what David said before,Choosing A Friends is Based On Quality Not Quantities.SomeHow this words gave me a huge meaning,from that moment i really know that doesn't matter how many friends that u got,or how popular u are.If those friend gave u bad influences,U can probably ruin ur own life just for folowing what they did,for examples like ask u to go taking drugs,fighting with other ppl,Or maybe asking u to go some unnessarily places.So for me this kind of friends,i will really stay away from it.From my experience,i used to got alot this kind of friends,by that time i used to have alot of fun,but somehow they can't understand me.when i got problem,noone will willing to help me.And started to stay away from me,And then i realize that this kind of friends is not really called "Friend",because friend will help u when u have problems,will advice u when u doing something thats not right,and also will share the joy with u and u will do the same for him or her.And thanks to God i've already found the friends that i've been looking for,and thats is in church.Somehow Gods know what i need,and gave me unexpectedly and i really need to thanks God for that.Thru the new friends that i knew,my life started to changes,my attitude started to change and i began to know how to appreciate my friends and my families.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hmm...a little stories of my life

ehem....the very 1st time apologies if my word is a little bit broken cos im not really good in grammar anyway..ok lets see...i grew up in kinda busy and dad always working,doesnt really have the time to really care for us..soo in lack of caring i've started to do many unpleasant things in order to get my parents attentions...hope that they will care bout me stealing,fighting with other kids,even mix up with wrong kind of friends,but den i was though tat i would be happy,but matter of fact im not,i feel empty and sorrow instead..its just a cover up for the pain that i feel in my families,for that moment i know that nobody can really understands me and care bout me.
in school i was that kind of ppl who are not popular at ppl hardly know that ur exist,if u know what i meant,somtimes even get bullied by ppl...soo it was kinda hard time in then i was afraid of one thing that i evade as much as gathering,its not that i don't like to go there,just that i doesn't get used to be over much caring by them,probably is the growing up enviroment cos even my dad and mom also didn't cared bout me that much,still remembered when my grandma birthday and we had a family gathering,was soo wanted to evade to attend that time,but then my mom urge me to go soo i have to no choice.At the moment i was there,i always silence and doesn't talk too much,sometimes i feel that i was like a stranger there,can't mix up with cousins....until that very moment one of the cousins,hana...approach me and talk with me,and then we end up together with other cousins,talking and laughing together.i really felt something at that moment,eventho im not really sure that time.Soo after that time,we began to contact each others.Last year birthday,i get the chances to celebrate with my cousins...its is something new for me cos i never get the chances to celebrate with them before.And its was awesome,to tell u something...i never get a birthday cake on my birthday before..well not on the time when i was still babies..haha..i had a really great time back there,thanks to the cousins~!u guys gave me a sweet memories..
And after that,One of the cousins ask me to go their youth church eventho they got ask me a few times.which i did..haha...hmm well the very 1st impressions for me is i can felt warm and caring in there.its very comfortable for me to be there,and special thanks to my cell leader Daniel..who always support me and cousins also.i've really learn alot of things in there...i've learn how to care bout to love ppl.i've even got alot new friends in there,and i've started to change bit by bit ...thanks to the god.Its makes me understand whats means by being a christian,somehow im proud to be a christian myself,and the loves of God touches me.
Soo this is a little testimony And also my little life that i can share with u guys who watching my blog,hope that this little testimony can help out u guys.And again thanks to my cousins and my cell leader who have been helping me thru my life and also other church friends as well.