Thursday, May 28, 2009


hehehee~~im back again~!
alot ppl been asking why didn't i update my blog...its been soo long since the last time i've actually write something on my bloggie. tell u guys the truth...i didn't know wad to write on my bloggie..or u could say that im lazy...hehe..
alot things have been happen while i was absent on bloggie..but was kinda lazy to write all about it....cos its gonna be soooooooooooo long story...and i was lazy to write bout it..:P ahahaha...
The most latest news bout me is getting ready of dancing perfomance on A4j...gosh...i feel kinda nervous now..i will be perfomancing infront of few thousand ppl...well...i do hope that i could perform well infront of audience and most importantly infront of Him...
oh ya...a little update on my studies...its been a little hard for me to catch up back on college now...since my result on spm really sucks...i didnt even got a single credit on my spm cert...alot college requested me to retake my spm and atleast get 3 credit...which i feel like kinda unessary for me..i just don't wanted to retake my spm though...soo i left with only few choices..1st retake the spm..2nd continue on working instead of studying...3rd give up on the academic cert and aim for skill cert like car mechanics or barber etc....soo i still haven't make the decisions yet...soo what u guys think?any opinions?
ok lah...thats all for now ...will update my blog more frequently as i can...hehehe ciaoz~!