Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alot things has happen recently...some is good but some is bad...many things do happen for a reason..its depends on how u sees it.lately alot things goes through my mind...i've ever wondered that i should further my studies to colleges...as i know its been like 5 years since that i've graduate from secondary high and wasn't soo sure if i've still got the urge and will to study anymore...many of my friends said that should atleast get a cert for more guarantee on my future...but then im not really a study material.soo most probably gonna decide to work....and learn at the same time,hopefully i won't be regreat for the decision that i had made.Talking bout my work...im currently working at cyber cafe,as a cashier...its was quite an easy job actually..and plus i can online during working time~!haha...its was a fun job at first but by then the more longer i've work...the more that i've realise that im actually wasting my time in here.working in cyber cafe doesn't have any future at all.What i've want now is a job that is more chalenging and alot things that i can actually learn and a better future for it,been wasted soo many years and stuck myself in cc,living in a virtual world thats is never true and evading whats is out there.Soo its time for me to wake up and take the step outside the door and deal with it and i know that God is always theres to help me and i won't scare of it.
The hillsongs concert that held in GLad Tidings church is really great...the songs that they played is really great and anointed.And we get to worship and praise god together from other churches ppl....and its really great,i know its touches alot young christians teenages heart and will crazy and hunger for god even more and its was same for me too,it was a good expirence for me.
Another good expirence was the A4j conference,and i've learn alot of things during the conference.And yet its was very tireling cos we had to serve lunch and dinner to other fellow churchmates,imagine serving lunch for over one thousand ppl its not an easy job but yet we did our best for it.it was a very good task for us,cos it could test our teamwork,communications with each others.Really happy to see all the teenagers from other church can gather and learn and summore praise worship God together,and i know malaysia time has come ..for us to raise jesus christ name up in here.Let them know that how real is our god,and how love and mercyful of our god..let us spread the gospel to whole fellow malaysians~!

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